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    I cracked my screen a couple days ago... Hasnt been that big of a deal to me until today. I did a hard reset because my phone was soft resetting about every 10 minutes. Well not thinking about what the phone does when it does a hard reset i went ahead with it. Everything went fine until it asks you to "Tap the center of the target" (on the screen) with the stylus. Well since the screen is cracked i cant tap the freaggin target .... Is there anyway to get around this. Pretty much i went from having a working phone, to a working color display that tells me to tap the target........ Sucks.. Im hoping there is a way around this so i dont have to run out and buy a new phone for while...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advanced
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    Not much, if you can't hit the target. Sell your phone for parts or pay to have it serviced.
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    check this link from
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    If you are with Sprint, I know a buddy of mine went into the store with a cracked screen and the rep told him he has seen this happen, added the insurance to his account and then ordered him a new phone. He was back in business in a couple of days. His feeling was it never hurts to ask.
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    Well called verizon and they are shipping me a new phone for $50... I guess i can handle that...

    Thanks for the ideas

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