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    I am thinking about setting up a imap acct through fastmail, because I really like the idea of push email. However I have a question. If I forward my comcast email to fastmail and then receive it on my treo, if I hit the reply button to reply to my email it will just reply to the comcast acct instead of the original sender right? I don't want to spend the money if this is the case
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    Most email providers actually redirect messages, rather than forward them, in which case it will do what you want.

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    well I will try it out and see what happens. thanks
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    While you fastmail's smtp server, you can set up different identities or profiles that fill out the from address. So if you use one account that you forward to fastmail, the only way someone will know you are using fastmail is of they look at the detailed headers of the message. Most people will never know.

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