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    You gotta love checking your mail when it’s filled with goodies like these! Just got a pre-production model of Seidio’s new high end skin case for the Treo 650. This baby is a perfect fit for the Treo. There are cutouts for the flashing light, built-in headset, speaker, camera, and stylus. The keyboard is free and uncovered without any overlapping stuff to give you trouble typing on any of the keys. All the buttons in the front are etched out from behind – they are covered, but clearly defined and easy to press with raised material over them. The side buttons are covered by the skin, but that doesn’t stop them from being very easy to press. The top wraps around the antenna, but leaves open access to the stylus silo, SD card slot, mute switch, and IR port. Neat part number 2: there is a reset hole cut out of it that matches up to the battery cover with the reset hole that Seidio just starting selling as well! So, here you have a perfect solution: protection from everyday wear and tear and the ability to press Mr. Reset without having to take the battery cover off – as long as you have Seidio’s battery cover that is. It fits nice and easy into my Innodock as well. The skin seems pretty tough to me – I’ve tried twisting it around a bit, took it off a few times (which you won’t have to do – except to replace a battery) – and this baby keeps its shape and doesn’t tear easily. Take a look at the attached picture for a demo of what I tried. If you’re a case type of person, Seidio also sells both a vertical and horizontal leather case that matches up perfectly with this combo. They tell me it should be available for sale real soon.
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    Pics of the front would be great.
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    I better go check my mail. I should have some 'goodies' in it also.
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