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    I have a 650, and am getting a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out the best phone app to buy (both from reading threads on this board as well as on other sites, and browsing through programs). I have some vague ideas about what I'm looking for: assigning different mp3 rings to different callers (I have ptunes), treating incoming calls from different callers differently, perhaps assigning a photo to contacts, etc. But my head is spinning from reading about lightwav, callfilter (and then there's another call--- app I can't remember the name of), ring pro, tealphone, mring, central, etc. Anyone have the heart to stop my head from spinning and chime in with their favorite? Thanks!
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    You're going to hear a different answer from everyone who replies.

    Most of the apps you've names are ringtone managers.

    My personal choice is Lightwav.

    The best thing you can do is try them all for yourself and pick which one works best based on your needs and the set up of your device.
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    I must say that I have not yet found the perfect "ringer" app. Thus far, they have proven to either slow down my system, crash periodically, be incompatible with other programs, or not have enough features to justifty the high cost.

    I keep trying, though...

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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