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    Hello Group

    I look all over and i cant find this, I have lots of midi files on my card and want to use them for my ringers How do i get them into the place that shows all my ring tones, I feel dum about this now, Should this be easy

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    Don't feel dumb. I'd like to know how to add a custom ringtone. A wav file. No way to add.
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    If you don't have a launcher or file manager that will let you browse the card and "Open" the Midi with "Sounds", just email it to yourself and open it from that message.
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    So once you have opened it - how do you get it to show on the drop down list in sound prefs for the phone?
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    As Bill said above..."Open" the Midi with "Sounds"
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    I did use sounds but the file doesn't appear in the list of available files. So how does on get the file to show up in the list?
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    When you use sounds, it should ask you what name to give it to save as, and then...wa-la!
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    I sent myself a 30 second mp3 I want as my main ringtone. Versamail received it and placed it in real player, I can't seem to find or open it with sounds. It plays fine in real player, just how I want it. Any suggestions how to get it to the ring list??
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    You'll need a third-party app to use an mp3 as a ringer. There are many of them; search for 'MP3 ringer' etc to get lots of info.

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