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    I have the post going on the GPS options out there but wanting to ask those with the Mapopolis how they like it with their Treo 650...I have a current subscription to Mapopolis but never used with Palm OS platform nor on such a small screen as the Treo 650. Do you find it easy to navigate through maps and does it cause severe lock ups and such...I would like to just by a GPS reciever but if Mapoplis sucks on the Treo 650 will pass and just spend the money on some other software
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    As long as you keep the number of maps loading in the directory that you're reading, and don't need route to points, Mapopolis is servicable...though not ideal.

    i.e. you can keep the maps for your whole state on your SD card, but move the three or so you need for your trip as well as maybe the Major Roads map to their own directory while you are in that particular area.

    Otherwise, generating routes and finding points takes a very, very long time.
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    I have been very happy with the Mapopolis NavCard and Mobile Crossing bundle available at Mobile Crossing's web site. You don't have to shell out the additional money for an SD card on top of the software and receiver. If you search the BT forum, I gave a review of the combo.

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    Mapopopolis running great here. Yes, keep LIKE maps in their own folder and/or even better yet, load the maps you're currently using into local memory and leave backups on the card. It runs faster this way.

    I went all over Ireland with no problems.


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    I would definitely go with their NavCard. It is very smooth and seamless. I use it on my Treo 600 and it works great. I'm sure it would be much better with the T650's better screen. The NavCard allows you not to worry about county and regional maps. It's got the whole U.S. on the card. Very easy to use and doesn't slow down the Treo.

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