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    I have been a pocket pc user for a long time and had been using Mapopolis with great success...I have read some threads here about it not being that good with the Treo 650...Im looking to get another GPS unit due to my Navman not connecting with Treo...Is there a program and device that you guys can recomend that works great with the Treo 650...Looking to spend under 300 if possible..
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    have you used this application before...I ahave tried the TOMTOM to go and like the software ok (though perfer the details of Mapopolis) but does it work well with the OS platform and does not cause issues
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    I own the Tom Tom 5 BT receiver and software.

    Do a search here. There are several threads/reviews on it in the bluetooth forum.
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    seems to me we need a dedicated GPS section in this forum.

    Anyways, it's Mapopoplis for me. No problems at all.


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