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    Does anyone know of an app to sync my palm datebook with Groupwise? I know intellisync will do it but that program cost $70. I am hoping for freeware or shareware.

    Thanks in advance
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    The only other one I know of is SyncWise:

    I don't think you'll find any freeware. Maybe you can get your boss to buy it?
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    I don't know about freeware, but Intellisync works great.
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    Unfortunately my company is very slow to adopt new technology. The company doesn't support Visor/Palm and we are still struggling to get laptops. It has nothing to do with price it is just that our IS department refuses to support laptops or palms.

    Looks like I will have to drop $70 and buy Intellisync.

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    You may want to confirm the mode that your GroupWise postoffice uses. If your postoffice runs on a NT or Win2K server in Client/Server mode (only), Intellisync will not send any replies or new messages. You will only be able to download messages.

    SyncWisePro works great. Also, I'm fairly certain that the non-Pro version of SyncWise does not do the adressbook, e-mail or tasks; it only syncs the calendar.
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    I will have to check on my company's mail server OS. I mainly want to sync with Groupwise for the calendar. I know 2 people at work who are currently using Intellisync with no problems.

    Personally I think Handspring and Palm should have this synchronization built into the desktop software. This feature is a major part of buying a PDA IMHO.
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    Intellisync did a fine job with the calendar; it was e-mail that gave it fits. Sorry for the confusion.

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