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    Sorry if this is posted somewhere - I tried searching and couldn't find anything on this. The Sprint turbo drain finally convinced me to take in my Treo 650, and they said they needed my battery for 8 hours to run tests on it. So I'm without Treo today, and it hurts.

    When I plug it in, a message pops up that says "Your battery is EXTREMELY low" and there is only a choice to Shut Down Now. When I press that, the phone actually does come back on, and I can use it just fine...until the screen powers off.

    Anyone know of a way to get rid of this nag screen so I can use my phone off the AC charger without setting the screen to not turn off? Thanks!
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    Can you ask Sprint store to provide you with a loaner? Or get another battery.

    Unfortunately that nag is probably incorporated into the OS and even if you find a hack, how are you going to install the hack, if your only option is to shutdown as soon as you turn on your phone?

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