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    Have tried exporting to ABA (both contacts archive and address archive) file from Palm Desktop and then importing to Yahoo Address Book . Cannot successfully import into Yahoo address book, Get invalid ABA file message. Am scared to use Intellisync to replace Palm Desktop...

    Anybody have problems with the above and have a suggestion, or other program to recommend.
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    Has anyone been able to successfully import contacts from a Palm Desktop exported Address Archive ABA file (Treo650) into the Yahoo Address Book?
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    I use intellisync, works great. Import contacts into my Yahoo address book from Outlook. Give it a shot. Save your Yahoo contacts first by exporting it, that way if something goes wrong you've got a backup.
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    Thanks for the reply..I do not use outlook..but I might give intellisync a try....
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    I have the same problem. Don't use intellisync because you won't be able to sync back to palm desktop
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    Mrgarza, Thanks for the advice. Do not think I will use Intellisync. Have researched Intellisync and alot of people seem to have problems with it.

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