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    So I usually hotsync via cable with my work PC. But being "clever" on the weekend, used blue tooth on my home pc to synch (I set "handheld overwrites desktop" on the PC). But backt o work and the cable isnt working properly - BEFORE you write, I did change the setting from Bluetooth back to cradle/cable on my T650. Given that I use the cable every day, is it just wear and tear do you think? or summat else (forgive the break into Yorkshire there couldn't help meself oops there I go again)?
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    I have an issue with my cable where it will only work when I apply a downward pressure on the top of the connector. I think it's just bad design on Palms part. I only use BT for syncing anymore. One day though when I have to do a hard reset, I'll be forced to hold down that connector for a good least on the first sync.
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