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    ...because Costco finally got the 650 back in stock.

    $519 w/free car charger and leather case vs $549 @ the Sprint Store. Plus I'll have the awesome Costco return policy, which basically will replace the phone for any reason save actual loss and I'm still eligible for the mail-in rebate, knocking the total cost of ownership down under $400.

    My local Costco hadn't had a shipment since September, so I had left my name a month or so ago to call when they got one in.

    In the meantime, I couldn't hold out, so a couple of weeks ago I made the upgrade from my 600 to the 650. Out of the blue, Costco calls me the day before my 14-day return runs out at Sprint to say they've gotten a shipment in. Very lucky.
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    Sounds like the way to go! I just sold my T600 yesterday on E-bay, I had been holding on to it since I first got the T650.

    I'll have to check with Costco to see when their getting the 6700. I'ld love to give it a spin!
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    I have over $100 dollars in Treo 600 accessories...keyboard, sync cradle, short cable, car you think your person would need them

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