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    Anyone know how I can get all my address/Phone information from my Kyocera 7135 to a new Treo 650? I'm new to this site and am also new to the Treo 650.

    For some reason, I can not get everything to transfer over. It will take me 'years' IF I have to redo ALL the phone numbers, etc. to the Treo 650.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Also looking for info on this...
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    There is a sticky thread somewhere here about importing stuff from an old Palm.

    I myself had an old 7135, and I basically did this:

    1. Do one last hotsync for the 7135. Kiss it goodbye, and wish it well in the next life.

    2. Copy the Backup folder (located whereever palm desktop is installed on your PC) to another location, just in case.

    3. Find the files address.dat, datebook.dat, memopad.dat, and todo.dat, and copy them to a safe location too. This is all your Palm addresses, datebook meetings, memos, and todos. These are the ONLY things you should directly transfer over.

    4. Uninstall ALL palm desktop and hotsync software that came with the 7135. Don't forget the MobileOffice, documents to go, or any other programs that had a PC Conduit. Reboot.

    5. Install the Treo650 software and do your first Hotsyncs as the manual says you should do. Pretend you are brand new to the Palm universe and follow the directions.

    6. Close Palm Desktop. Find the new, empty address.dat, datebook.dat, memopad.dat, and todo.dat files. Back them up just in case. Then copy the old .dat files OVER the new files.

    7. Open Palm Desktop again. Observe that all your old contact info and such is now in the new Palm Desktop.

    8. Hotsync the Treo again. The data transfers over.

    9. Download new versions of the software you used to use, and install them. I found that most of the old versions of software that worked on the 7135 acted weirdly on the treo most of the time. Generally, I only installed one program every few days, to make sure things were stable.

    10. There is no step 10. ;-)

    If you use Outlook to sync, then the steps are different, but Basically, you uninstall all the old stuff, install the new stuff, and let Outlook send your updated data to the new device for the first time.

    I followed these steps, and have had a very stable 650 as a result.

    Hope this helps,
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