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    I hope I'm missing something obvious... I've just spent three hours searching every palm-related resource I could think of. I can not find one single utility that can do a global search & replace within the PIM data, or any other pdb's for that matter. I find it hard to believe that this utility is either that hard to find or doesn't exist.
    I've thought about copying them to a pc & using a hex editor, but I'm afraid some checksum or something might get hosed. Can anyone help on this?

    What I'm basically trying to do is change a few hundred Agendus icons, since Iambic has seen fit to leave out this basic functionality. There is a small text string in the meeting note which specifies the icon associated w/ a given meeting. I just need to search & replace it. Neither the Palm or Agendus desktops have even a rudimentary replace function that I've been able to find.
    I really want to be wrong about this...
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    Anybody? Please? If this topic has been beaten to death somewhere, I know how annoying it is to rehash it, but I honestly can't find the reason why this fundamental functionality is missing from the Palm. I can't seem to get an answer on this anywhere. I'm counting on you guys...
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    There's a guy by the name of Juergen Schwister, who makes several apps to convert the core databases into csv files, all free. His site is framed: . From the left menu, choose Palm Software by jSwi, then Desktop Systems. From the right main page, grab the file(s) relevant to the specific core db(s) you want to massage.

    Grab a free csv app which has a find & replace feature. Example: CSVed, at .

    For Address and ToDo, note that Juergen also has apps for converting the csv back to a pdb. As regards getting the datebook csv back to the required dba format, see this discussion (with link which still works): .

    (Hope this "gal" helped ya )

    You could also use freebie Icon Manager, on the Palm itself, to change the icon ID# assignments. Pretty tedious, but it would get the job done.
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    I've considered some of the export> S&R > re-import solutions (excel, etc) but I've read that many people have experienced data loss/corruption, especially on the 4k notes field, which is the one I'd need to modify. What I'm really hoping to find (actually I've pretty much given up...) is some utility or app either POS or windows, that can just search & replace data in the pdb's themselves. I fired off an email to Juergen.

    The iconmanager solution is OK for changing an icon to another icon as long as both reside in the same icon file. Mine don't, unfortunately, hence the need to search/replace text in the meetings note field.

    Thanks for the feedback & links. I do appreciate it. I was beginning to think I'd somehow made it into everyone's killfile, or pissed people off somehow. I believe this is a legitimate issue, and while other folks on other forums, including a couple of developers, agree, no one has yet come up with a solution, or a reason that the feature doesn't exist... I know that a lot of people think icons are merely "eye candy", but a search & replace function has utility that extends far beyond simply changing icons. I mentioned in another post that it is, IMO, one of the fundamental functions that make a computer (which the Palm is...) a better choice than a typewriter & a filing cabinet...

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