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    Does anyone make a RPN (reverse polish notation) scientific calculator for the palm platform? You know, the HP calculators with the enter key. I've been raised on RPN calculators since I was a kid (Dad is a EE) and wish to replace my trusty HP 11c.

    Example of notation. To find "2+2=" you would key in "2 enter 2 +"

    Thanks again
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    Do a search on PalmGear for RPN, or look for:


    My current favorite is newcommer CustomCalc.
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    Some others worth looking at are Abacus and MathU. MathU Pro is not cheap but it offers HP-like functionality and is in color.
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    I use and bought RPN from

    Very nice calculator, is programable but language is somewhat difficult... author e-mailed me and is working on an update.

    Give the demo a try...

    Don't forget to go into your prefs and make it the default calculator program to run when you touch the calc icon on your PDA.
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    A freeware alternative that I use is called Kalk. It's basic but works well.

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