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    How do I download music onto my Treo 600? Probably an easy question for many people. Can anyone explain? Thanks.
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    You have to put your music on an sd card. Create an AUDIO directory, if it's not already there, and put your files there.

    You can use an sd card reader for your pc, or you can buy a program called Card Export and with that, you can use your Treo as an sd card reader.
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    Take a look in the Multimedia forum on this site. I posted a similar question there. My best suggestion is to buy a 1 or 2GB card, Card Export, and Ptunes. That will get you up and running. I'm using free trials for both of those programs at the moment. There's a bunch of different players you can use, and most have trial periods. I also tried Busker, but preferred Ptunes. Couldn't get idletunes to work, or realplayer for that matter. Oh, and you may need a converter if you downloaded your CDs through itunes. See what format your music is in and then do a search for "convert ____ to mp3 (or whatever you want)" and that should show you some programs. Check out the multimedia forum and good luck!
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    Thanks for the info. In layman's terms, what is the purpose of Card Export?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mayo
    Thanks for the info. In layman's terms, what is the purpose of Card Export?
    Turns your Treo, when connected to your computer via the Hotsync cable, into an SD card reader. While connected, you can transfer/delete files form your SD card that is inserted in your Treo...just like you would with files on a floppy.

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