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    I was having a problem with my 650 freezing up when the Memo was syncing during hotsync. So I tried deleting the Memo database with Filez and I seem to have gotten things working again.

    However, I now I see TWO identiclly-named files called Memo Pad. One is 3.7K and is in ROM and the other is 6.5K and is not in ROM. Otherwise the two files seem to be identical, even the creation and modification date are the same.

    Should I have these two files or should I delete the non-ROM file? If anyone with a 650 has an advanced file manager I'd appretiate it if you took a look to see if you had one or two files named Memo Pad!

    I haven't had any problems yet but I'm worried this could lead to problems. The phone is hard enough to keep stable & crash free as it is.

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    I ROM I have Memos-PMem_enUS, Memos-PMem, Memo Pad_enUS and Memo Pad.

    In RAM I have MemoDB, MemoPlusDrawingModeIDB, MemoPlusNoteModeIDB and MemoDB-PMem.

    Different file managers will see different things. I looked at it with MegaCom and Resco Explorer
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    I only have the Memo Pad app in ROM.
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