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    I want to start using them, which are the best to buy (easy to apply, washable) and where do you get them?
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    Search Police where are you?
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    police, what?
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    Search for the following:

    Martin Fields
    Pocket PC Techs
    G Shield
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    I did do searches but I still dont know which are the best and if they are necessary.
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    Brando, Martin Fields, Boxwave, Pocket PC Techs, and G Shield are all virtually the same thing. High end screen protectors which are removable, washable and reusable. You can't go wrong choosing any of them.

    Are the necessary, that's personal preference. If you ask me I'd say definetly. I wouldn't use a device without one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buldawg
    I want to start using them, which are the best to buy (easy to apply, washable) and where do you get them?
    I have two. PalmOne Premium Screen Protectors for Tungsten, Zire and Treo and WriteRight "Designed for Palm Computing Platform."

    For me either is better than nothing at all. The WriteRight is textured and I prefer that. It does reduce brightness marginally, a problem on the 600 but not the 650. The PalmOne is smooth and does not reduce brightness.

    Both have to be cut to fit. The PalmOne brand comes with guidelines on the backing to cut to fit. When I use WriteRight, I fit it to the upper left corner, press it on and allow it to overlap right and bottom. I keep running my fingernail along the edge until I finally cut to fit.

    I rarely manage to get all the bubbles out but only notice them when the screen is off.
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    Thanks Mr. Greenberg, funny I live in Maryland and I know a LGreenberg (Larry Greenberg). Thanks for your help.
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    I've never heard of anyone with the same name as me.

    I'm Larry too

    Lived in D.C. for five years and my wife is from Potomac MD.
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    Personally, I can't stand the rubbery type like Fellowes and Palm. Impossible to apply without permanent bubbles. You can get these at Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.

    I'm using Boxwaves now and really like them. They're stiffer and therefore apply much better and are more transparent. Still adhesive, so be very careful not to get anything on the sticky side. Gotta mail order these.

    On my old Clie, I got some non-adhesive ones I liked at a Franklin Covey store (don't remember the brand). Had to cut to fit, but they were very nice once cut.
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    I guess I will go with the boxwaves, I assume you get the anti-glare ones? Thanks for all your help.
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    I use G2's from
    They last a long time and I've washed mine several times. I've had one on probably for 9 months. But do a search and get other options.
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    I bought the Boxwave Anti-Glare ones. I assume they should work just fine. And if not, I will try a different brand. Thanks for all your help.
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    I used the one from Seidio. It is a very high quality one. It is Glue less and antiglare and you can only buy one piece. To me , one piece will be good enough. I like the price too. $ 5.95 each.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buldawg
    I bought the Boxwave Anti-Glare ones. I assume they should work just fine. And if not, I will try a different brand. Thanks for all your help.
    They'll be fine.

    All the high end product is virtually identical.
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    I bought a 3 pack a year ago for 10 to 15 bucks and am still on the first one. I wish I remembered what the brand was. I lost the original packaging. They are the hard ones. They reduce the clarity of the screen a bit but I like the comfort of knowing the screen is protected better than with the thin film type. They are not the static type, they do adhere to the screen.

    I bought a set of the Boxwave crystal clear for my wife's PPC, they were the thin film type and they came already scratched, hard to apply, hard to remove and trash after the first few mess-ups.

    PDADomain sent one with a case I bought for the PPC. They should really have a protective film on both sides since half the time these things arrive already scratched up.
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    I had a great deal of trouble with my Boxwaves (search here). One I purchased a year ago was great, but every other one I had issues with.

    Ended up with Martin Fields and have been very happy.
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    I only needed a single boxwave for each my N760C, TT3 and now my 650... never had a problem with them... great product IMHO...
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    the ones from this site have served me well
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    I've used several products, and Boxwave wins with me. I prefer the anti-glare (matte) versi<
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