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    I bought my 650 recently and was looking for a clip/case solution. I wanted to find something that didn't cover the screen and keyboard, and also held the screen in (toward my body) when on the belt clip. The Seidio holster looked like a no brainer, but there was no case for protection. Well, I found a Sena leatherskin on ebay that works fine. I'm able to keep the Sena case on, and clip the whole thing into the Seidio holster.

    I'm posting this for information only, not necessarily endorsing this setup. It's expensive (if purchased new) and it's not as smooth as something that would have been purpose built. That said, I have a sturdy belt clip holster that rotates and keeps the screen in, with a quality leather case that protects the phone, even when taken out of the holster. Something that I believe is not offered in the marketplace.

    I would imagine that the synthetic skin cases would work in the hoster also.
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    Seidio will release an innovative holster that works with skin case this week. Please watch our news release.

    David Chang
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    Any news on the innovative holster???

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