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    My treo's keys started acting up a few days ago. The menu, space, shift, alt, and side keys no longer function correctly, however all the other keys work fine. Non of the keys feel like they are sticking, and when i took the phone apart to check the condition of the keypad everything looked fine. I obviously have also done hard resets to the phone with no luck. When i did a search on the forum i didn't really notice a big problem with the 600's keys most the issues seemed to be with 650's. Does anyone know what the problem could be cause by?
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    Mine happened after I dropped it in a glass of water

    When I cleaned/dried it out and put it back together no luck with most of the keys. Took it apart again and the IT guys at work looked at it and there was corrosion on the metal plate, not the connections though. Them seemed to think it may have been caused by just sweat or mostiture over time. I did notice that in the previous weeks (before it went swimming) that I would get messages on my computer when I plugged in for a hotsych that the divice was overpowering the port. So I think mine started out as an internal short.

    Anyway Sprint replaced the phone. When I took it to the store and the tech plugged it in it overloaded his USB port also.
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