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    There are a couple of chat rooms that I want to actively participate in, but my Treo 650 won't let me do it. Whenever I try, the chat room I'm attempting to access, sends back the message "Java browser not enabled."

    In trying to figure out why I'm not able to chat, I've learned that while Treo does enable Java scripting, it doesn't allow the use of Java applets.

    I tried to download from some Java stuff put out by IBM, but it didn't resolve my problem. (I may not be using the downlooaded info properly.)

    I realize this line of questioning could definitely fall into the category of "naive", and may already have been addressed on this website. (I've had my Treo for about 1/1-2 mths.) I've been trying for 3 full days to figure out the answer, and just decided I'd take a chance of being "red-faced" online than frustatingly, futilely spending more time 'spinning my wheels.' Any help that gets me into some chat rooms is REALLY appreciated!
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    It would be helpful to know what kind of chat rooms you are talking about... IRC, or some web-based service?
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    Thanks for responding. The chat rooms I've been trying to enter are topical - i.e. the original site is informational, then there are options. like Treocentral, to discuss & post, but unlike Treocentral, hmmm, there's also the ability to participate in real time chat. (This is a particular activity I greatly desire to do on my Treo, because I am bedbound the majority of the time, and my Treo's often my only vehicle out into the real world. Being able to talk to someone real time via a chat room would be a particular delight. [At this time I don't have a buddy list to take advantage of IM] Anyway, that's my story...

    Back to the chatroom problem. Unfortunately, I'm not educated enough in the current technology to really even respond to your question in an educated manner. I can say I've noticed some chatrooms I have not been able to access were described as irc (Is there maybe a 3rd party app I could use to access these?)

    The most common problem I encounter is the message "Your browser is not Java enabled." In trying to understand my browser, I went back to, the originator of the Blazer browser my Treo uses, I learned that wthile the browser does use Java scripting, that's is as far as its use of Java technology goes. (I guess the lack of Treo memory makes any further Java use prohibitive.) In my attempt to problem-solve one particular inaccessible chatroom, the site said they make use of Java applets to make chatting possible between users. explicitly states Treo's Blazer browser doesn't have the Java technology to work with Java applets & such.

    I hope i've been able to provide some helpful info in respose to your question. If there's anymore info I can provide, like the addresses of some of the sites I've had trouble with, just let me know.

    Thanks so much for the interest you've shone in my little dilemma. I do greatlyappreciate it..

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