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    When I use The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP) v0.66k, the only videos that aren't choppy are low quality MPEG4 videos that I Recode using Nero on Mobile AVC setting. (like a 1 hour TV show at 166MBs)

    It plays all other formats including MP4 podcasts, AVI files, but the video is choppy and unwatchable. The audio is fine.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm playing off an x66 1 gig SD card. I really want to watch higher quality video. Is this possible?

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    You need to re-encode the video to a lower resolution. The 650 only has 320 x 320 pixels, so you can lower it to around that resolution and not lose anything. However, the smaller video stream will play much better on the Treo processor. I use the FairUse Wizard (free) to encode the video and have never had any problems with it.
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    ^^ Nice, thanks for the step in the right direction. Lemme give that a try, and I'll shout back soon.

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    Thanks dude, I used quicktime to simply lower the Resolution, and the quality is really good, looks great

    thanks again\
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    Rather than re-encode, I use PXAClocker to bump up the CPU speed to 429 for TCPMP only. I now have rock-solid playback where previously it struggled with more complex (e.g. fast-moving) scenes and higher resolution files.

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