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    I take a lot of photos and find that I quickly fill up my treo's internal memory. then I have to manually copy the files to the card. Life would be a lot easier if I could just save the photos by default to the card. Is this possible?
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    From the camera screen, use the five way to go to the right of the capture/zoom button. There is a drop down under the resolution selection that allows you to select where to store new pics. This resets to default when you do a soft reset.
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    Awesome, thanks!
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    Another question pretaining to the same. After you have moved photos to pc or computer, how do you change the quick sync from installing pics back to the internal memory once they are on the computer?
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    Delete them from the palm desktop. You know, right click and delete or drag and highlight a bunch and hit delete.
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    or set the media to just have handheld overwrite desktop.
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