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    I can't decide. I've never used either.

    I bought this treo to 'get organized' so I will be using whichever for everything! calendar, contacts, email ,etc... whaddya think I should use and why?
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    I used Palm Desktop for years but I decided to switch to Outlook because you only have to keep up with one address book and you can email straight from the address book in OL. Keeps you from switching between two apps.
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    I agree with twitch3. Outlook seems to be better if you want your address book sync'd. I don't simply because I do a majority of my email with my treo and chatter. I also sync on a laptop at home and a pc at work and I couldn't have outlook at work so I switched back to Palm Desktop.
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    Never used Outlook because didn't need it. Palm desktop has never failed me. But if you want all in one, it looks like Outlook is the way to go.
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    Palm desktop is a good program but outlook is manadatory if you have to sincronize many devices from many producer.

    I dont use outlook for mail I just install it and I use it as "bridge" from nokia data suite to sonyericsson suite, siemens package, palm desktop and so on.
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    I've used Outlook forever, but mainly because I've been both a Palm and PocketPC user for years (an Outlook CD comes with every PocketPC.) It's the only way for me to keep both devices synced. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    outlook would be the way to go.. wow insertion 8,017 i see you haven't slacked off one bit.. busy man..
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    dammit now I have to learn outlook!?!?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chapperjoe
    dammit now I have to learn outlook!?!?!
    Is not mandatory, if have to share contacts, notes... from one handeld/phone to another (or to some others), you can just install outlook and never touch it.

    Otherwise you have only the treo you can use the palm desktop without any problem.

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