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    I currently use three different clocks! I'd like to just use the one, so is there one that fits my needs? I tested around ten different clocks (and expired all their trial periods) a while back before settling on what I have, so I'm wondering whether things have changed. And before you ask, yes, I am incredibly fussy.

    I use mobileCLOCK (aka Bob's Alarm) for morning alarms, a different time for weekdays and weekends. I use KeyGuardTime+ as a watch replacement (a press of the power button and there's my time and date). I use Watchmaker to set ad-hoc alarms (check the food in the oven, wake up in half an hour).

    Why do I use all these?

    Well, mobileCLOCK lets me set a big old snooze button (the whole screen) so when I groggily fumble for the snooze button, I'm not likely to turn the alarm off. Most other alarms seem to use the standard Palm dialogs, which have a snooze and cancel button the same size, right next to each other. Not good. It also allows me to 'set and forget' - I tell it to wake me at 7am on weekdays, 9am on weekends, then I never need to change the alarm times. Even though it uses non-standard dialogs, any missed alarms end up on the standard Palm notification manager thingy; this is useful.

    The problem with mobileCLOCK is that the alarm settings are terribly complicated. If I try to set an alarm to (say) wake me up before my stop on the train, I'll inevitably change the settings on one of my repeat alarms. I'd much rather have a simple list (most other clocks have this). Watchmaker is a prime example of a better way of handling multiple alarms - I tap the alarm time and in a couple of taps I've set the alarm. I can see a number of alarms on the same screen, including two on the main screen. I can set an alarm in the next hour in one tap from the main screen! But the sounds come out all warbled, I can't choose different sounds for each alarm, they only play once (instead of until I shut them up), and the snooze button is just not going to work for me. It looks damned nice though - the Bahnhof skin is a thing of beauty.

    And finally, given all that, I'd like the same clock to be used as a keyguard clock. It just seems a bit inconsistent to have one clock show up when I hit the power button, but another one when my alarm goes off.

    So, in summary (and apologies for the length), I'm after a clock that
    1. Has a big snooze button and a small cancel button (something like 'all buttons except Power will snooze, but Power will cancel' is fine)
    2. Keeps beeping at me until I shut it up with a snooze or cancel (can I achieve this by creating a two-minute MIDI file based on one of the built in sounds? How?).
    3. Gives me at least three alarms; two to set-and-forget for weekdays and weekends, one to use as and when. Alarms should be set to repeat Mon-Fri, Sat/Sun, etc.
    4. Handles multiple alarms in a simple, non-confusing manner. Choice of alarm sound, on a per-alarm basis.
    5. Choice of analogue and digital. Simple, clean, unfussy layout.
    6. Setting an alarm for within the next hour should be a couple of taps; setting any other alarm shouldn't be much more than that.
    7. The same clock appears onscreen when the keyguard appears.

    Hopefully I can find something this time around!

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    I don't think any of the clock/alarm programs will also show when the keyguard is on. The only one that does I think is Butler. If you use Lightwav for ringtone management, version 5.7.2 (5.7.1 also I think) includes a little clock within the keyguard which is nice.

    I think Palmary Clock meets most of your needs, although the snooze button is the same size as Clear and GoTo and are right next to each other. I use mp3/ogg files for alarms so it will play for at least 3 minutes or so depending on the length of the sound.

    Note, new version of KeyGuardTime+ just released today:
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