View Poll Results: Have you had any problems with Missing Sync 5? (Duplications, events 1 day off, etc.)

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  1. fly888's Avatar
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    I thought that some people here might appreciate some feedback before thunking down $40 on software that they can't try.

    I know that I certainly would.
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    The program is fantastic, and is what Palm SHOULD give us mac users in the first place. I would not think of getting another Treo (or palm device for that matter) without having Missing Sync in the mix. Ditch your Palm Desktop today, you will thank yourself every day after.
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    I had a problem with Sync'ing company only address and names, but it was fixed in the latest update of Missing Sync 5.
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    Just became a Mac user in Oct and let me tell you a friend let me know about this product and wow.. It is so much better than all the rest. It is worth the money..
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    flawless here.
  6. stevenf's Avatar
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    Missing Sync 5 for Palm is quite good. I would absolutely recommend it.
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    Count me in as another happy missing sync user.
  8. iomatic's Avatar
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    Problems galore with stock Apple stuff; no special setups. I cross fingers every time I sync. Some days it's fine, others it's not.

    Utterly unreliable. This, from someone who was praising it originally. Just watch out.
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    I cross my fingers when syncing as well. The main thing that causes me to pull my hair out is that every third time I sync all my holidays disappear from iCal (I have subscribed to Apple's "holidays" online calendar). I don't know if this is a missing sync issue or an Apple issue - either way it is a hassle. I can fix it by refreshing the calendar and then resyncing. Not fatal, but annoying.
  10. blee4's Avatar
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    I find that if I ever have any problems with only happens after a firmware update btw 1.20 updater is out but only for PC. Before I update my firmware I do 1 lastsync, than I do a firmware update from a pc with palm desktop BUT the important thing is make sure you complete the firmware update by doing the update and than the RESTORE. What the update does is it DOES a backup of your treo files than it installs the firmware and than RESTORES the backup it did prior to the update. Than you should be able to continue using it with Missing Sync no problems. After firmware updates backup with missing sync (NOT RESTORE).

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