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    I've noticed that with the WIFI hack my Treo 650 that it will indeed reset like so many have mentioned before. But I've also observed that it resets at precise intervals. For instance if power saving mode is set at 30 sec, with the WIFI hack, the phone will reset every thirty seconds. You can change that interval (Pref>>Power), but the longest you can set the "auto off" interval is 3 minutes.

    That said, I was wondering if there was a hack out there that changes that to a much larger interval, or turnes it off completly. Or if the hack would allow a manual 'power off' by using a certain keystroke.

    Any ideas?
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    WiFi hack? I didn't think it actually worked.. This using the Palm SDIO WiFi card?
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    I'd love to hear more about this WiFi hack, too. I just ordered a Verizon Treo 650 and would love to have that functionality.

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