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    Which case is the absolute thinnest?

    Most of the time I am carrying a handgun (legally, don't worry!) and I don't like cluterring my belt so this treo is going in my pocket. I hate bulges! What's the thinnest screen protecting case out there?

    I see int eh speck review, reviewer warns the lid can fall off. Is this reality or thoeretical?
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    The Speck form fitting case is good. It has a flip lid and is rugged. The plastic does cling to fabric however.
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    Sena Leatherskin is real thin too
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    I think the absolute thinest would be a "skin" style case.
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    If it's going in your pocket, a screen protector, eg BoxWave, is all you need. There's no stylus contact, so they last for ever. To add a bit of security, egrips are brilliant.

    No case required.
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    I second the "BoxWave and eGrips" method
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericdfairchild
    I second the "BoxWave and eGrips" method
    That's my exact set up.

    But I use Pocket PC Techs screen protectors instead.

    I just got the clear Egrips. Love them.
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    I think I'm likin' the SPECKS more each time I look at them. Are teh thickness levels noticeably different between the three choices? I'm leaning towards the smallest one for slimness reasons.....
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    and on the cases with plastic between screen and keyboard,,, how do you use the buttons in between?
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    Just press down on the plastic.

    It still works but it's obviously harder than without the plastic. Same goes for using the stylus through the plastic as well.

    P.S. I've changed the title of this thread to one which reflects the subject.
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    not a problem! I'm new to the treo and new to the forums, it'll take me some time to learn the ways of both!

    I'm just not sure about hte speck flip-lid. review says it could break.....

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