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    I bought an aftermarket charger from my treo, and i charged my BRAND NEW TREO my sprint and now it wont turn on. My RED indicator light is on, this is a BRAND NEW TREO that i got from sprint today. I dont know whats going on??!?! The red indicator light is on but my phone wont turn on anymore about 5 minutes charging on this home charger i bought from ebay.

    PLEASE HELP ME PEOPLE!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IM BEGGING FOR HELP. THIS IS MY 2nd TREO in 3 DAYS because my last one also wouldnt turn on right after being charged by this charger.

    this is soooo weird, i used my phone the entire day because i used the CAR charger but as soon as i got home and tested this new charger, my phone wont turn on and only the red indicator light is ON (not blinking)

    can someone PLEASE HELP ME?
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    any help at all would be sooooo greatly appreciated! Can this even happen because of a charger? I didnt think so, but do you guys know anything about this, whether its possible that the charger can do damage to the phone through charging it. The voltage is 5V 700mA. It is a travel charger from Eforecity on ebay.
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    Have you tried doing a soft reset?
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    how do you do it

    i stuck the stylus pen in the reset for a few seconds but nothing seems to happen, is that what im supposed to do?
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    When you insert the stylus (you must take the stylus apart and use the needle like piece to insert into the reset hold on the back of the Treo) you should get a Palm Logo screen for a fraction of a second then you phone screen appears.

    If you did that and experienced the same problem, then you may want to do a hard reset but make sure you backup / or hot sync before you do a hard reset.

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