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    I just got upgraded to a T650 from my SPCS T600... However, when they upgraded me, I didn't get the Install Disc. I've downloaded the Palm Desktop/HotSync software, but I'm assuming that (the same with my T600) the T650 came with some bundled software (Docs To Go???).

    I've looked at the Palm site several times, and I can't seem to find anything about a replacement CD. Does anyone know how to get a replacement?
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    If you bought it at a Sprint store, I'd go back in the morning and see if you can get one. You could get the Palm Desktop from Palms site, but it won't have the media conduits.

    The Sprint CD has Docs To Go, and a game or two. The Outlook Conduits might be on there as well... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    The Palm Download came with Outlook conduits, but that was it...

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    If you don't get the original CD then the only way that you will get Documents to Go is to purcase it at retail price.
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    That's right... I understand that... I'm just saying, I'd like to get a replacement CD.
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    You can only get that from the Sprint PCS store that sold you the phone. PalmOne will not sell it to you.
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    At least read the post above that says that I was upgraded, and not sold a phone..

    I'll try the local SPCS store tomorrow, though
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    If you don't find one, e mail me at and I will send a copy. BCA

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