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    I have been using VoiceDial for a while and relatively satisfied with its voice recognition accuracy. Two new ones have been recently released, Voice DialIt and Voice Call. Does anyone have any experience with these last two and is either an improvement on VoiceDial?
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    I too have VoiceDial and I'm pretty happy with it. Since it's paid for already, I haven't even looked elsewhere. I'm sure someone around here has...
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    Just got VoiceCall from Toysoft - it is the best voice recognition software I have used. Easy to set up and activate, accurate, and can direct phone dialing, as well as navigate the device and launch apps. Also, Danny Wong provides great support..
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    Im gonna have to second voicecall from toysoft. I also had voicelauncher, but it was too cumbersome, and difficult to set up, let alone get to accurately launch my command. Voicecall has been rock solid so far.
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    As far as I know, VoiceDialIt is the replacement for Voice Dialer Pro and I believe VoiceCall from Toysoft had licensed the technology from Voice-It Technologies.
    I've alreadfy bought VoiceDialer Pro and they upgraded me automatically to VoiceDialIt last week.

    Just my $0.02.
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