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    I've noticed my Treo randomly reset a few times over the past week, usually when I'm in the launcher and put the phone to sleep.

    I installed CrashPro 2.21 and it caught the error-
    Crash was caused by Launcher 5.2H, with error "MemoryMgr.c, Line:3752, NULL handle"

    This is Verizon Wireless update 1.04 fyi.
    Apps installed:
    BTkeybd (Freedom Keyboard bluetooth kbd)
    ChatterEmail 1.1.3b13
    CrashPro 2.21
    IBM Java VM and KMaps
    Mergic VPN
    MMPlayer 1.1.0

    Chatter was running in the background when it happened, dunno if that makes any difference. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone's wondering why they're having strange random resets...
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    I had EXACTLY the same problem. After installing DBCache Tool, the problem completely resolved.

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