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    Ive run the rom update (the new one) 4 times and it says at the end of the firmware update updating rom. Please wait 15 secs.

    Then it resets and the bootloader screen comes up saying .24 version.

    Then it just sits there. I waited 20 mins and nothing. So i did a soft reset and evrything works except the update.

    any ideas?

    btw its an unlocked cingular.
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    No one can help?
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    Best if you back up and do a *hard reset* on the Treo, maybe you don't have enough free ram? Palm says you need 11-15M free..
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    Its a new phone completely empty save for the standard apps.

    Ive tried hard resetting it 3 or 4 times.

    It just freezes after the reset. I didnt mention it but the firmware is being updated to 1.43.

    I have 21.7 mb free according to FileZ

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