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    I can't get my Treo to sync email from Outlook to either Snapper or Versamail. Is this possible? I can check email from either program and all of my other Outlook data syncs nicely with Agendus...but no email from the desktop. This seems like a stupid question but does either program offer this functionality? I don't want to use Wireless Sync.
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    Depends on how you are doing it I suppose..... You can enable debug logging in the VM conduit and that might shed some light on why it isn't syncing......

    Open the sync.ini file (C:\Program Files\palmONe\[USER]) and change the settings under VersaMail (Enable Logging, Log Debug) both to 1. After the next VM HotSync there will be a file C:\Program Files\palmONe\[USER]\VersaMail\VersaMail.log. That should have some info in it. You could post the content and we could have a look.

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