Custom ROMs are slowly being 'lost'.

While searching for current and older Custom ROMs (all version of the Treo 650), I've discovered that they are slowly being lost, or very difficult to locate, or the links have been forced removed. (see below, I'm not looking for me, as I roll my own on an unlocked GSM. I think it would be a good resource to have custom ROM and associated files/tutorials link list, in one place, easy to get and access.

So I'm looking for current custom ROM for all version of the Treo 650, as well as good tutorials/links anyone could recommmend. Particularly for Verizon, Cingular and Sprint, but also for unlocked GSM (though those seem more available).

I don't have the time to look at all versions for all posts, all tutorials, etc, so help would be much appriciated.

Recently was noticed by PalmOne to remove direct links to custom ROM's. You all know shadowmite was first noticed some time back. Perhaps TreoCentral is on the PalmOne notice schedule in the future also.

Currently the master list has some unlocked GSM phone ROMs, which could also be used by unlocked-converted GSM phones, Cingular, 1.23 for Cingular phones, a middle step to convert to unlocked, , full GSM ROW ROM, and some Sprint lists, etc.[/b]

Heres the current list:

PDF version

Additions, suggestions:

A good number of folks have asked for automatic email updates to the Treo 650 Master ROM and Flie list. I currently prefer to not keep a mailing list. If you wish an updated list pleast use the above link.

Please help and contribute. It would sure make getting some difficult needed information a bit more quick and easy to find.

I know there are a lot of excellent custom ROMs out there.