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    I own a business that has two people who share time on a machine. Therefore, when one of the operators books an appointment then the other operator should be notified automatically. I am looking for an application that will allow one user to schedule a client for an appointment and at some point I would like the appointment to show up on the other treo. I would like to know, if there is a way to automate this whole scheduling application without typing an instant message or another insert for the same entry. In other words, once I schedule someone for tomorrow at 10 am , then the other treo will show a booking at 10 am tomorrow too. in addition, I would like to know if this application/software if the same for both a treo 650 or a treo 700?
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    I think that whatever solution you end up with will be a server type solution like Exchange utilizing 'real time' sync capabilities of Outlook especially if you want to use the 650 (Palm OS) and a 700 (Windows Mobile).

    I started to suggest the SEVEN product (a/k/a Business Connect on Sprint) but while the caledar will update you can not initiate new entries from the Palm without syncing. But again for multiple devices to share a schedule you will probably need the server side solution anyway.

    Another option would be some type of work around using email and an autoresponder/ forwarder. My thought is when person A schedules the machine that this is done via an email to a special email address that then automatically forwards to all users of the machine so they can then update their schedules. A bandaid at best, I know, but it may work for you until you can find a more elegant solution.
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    I have a laptop connected to the internet via cable modem and could use the outlook on that as a server but not sure if they will automatically sync to both treo's? any help?
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    I am looking for more of a global calendar soultion rather than a email server.
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    If your configuration is one laptop and two Treos, I can't offer a suggestion. I was thinking you were in an office setting with a centralized server. Good luck on your search.
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    Natara puts out a product which may assit you: DatePack

    There's a reference on that page to doctors using the app. See this page for the product in action (screenshots):
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    I have tried everything and still nothing available? please help me.
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    Just bumped into this and thought of you. Not exactly automated, but beats repetitive insertions:
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    how about using a Yahoo shared calendar? If all parties have a Treo, they could access and update a shared calendar via Blazer. Hope this helps.
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