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    1/5/05 Sprint. Still on the original.

    Gone through custom ROMs, firmware 1.08, 1.12. Dropped maybe 10-15 times from 3-4 feet...leather clip case may have saved it.
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    Got my unlocked GSM as soon as available in the UK from Expansys in April 05 still going strong.

    Just bought another unlocked GSM elsewhere for my wife.
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650, Holux GPSlim236 GPS BT receiver & Tom Tom v5.201
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    I bought mine as soon as they were available from Sprint. I think I had it the week of Thanksgiving 2004. It lasted until October 2005 when I had it replaced due to faulty memory. It held up just fine as far as the buttons, keys, battery, etc.
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    Got mine in Feb 05, Cingular. After replacing the sim card (problem was posted with a particular brand and series the day after I bought the 650) have had no HW problems. Upgraded to the most current ROM, have many freeware apps and Volume Care loaded. I couldn't live without it now!
    By the way, this is my first PDA of any kind, and while the learning curve was kind of steep it has now become a lifestyle change for me!
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    Got mine Thanksgiving 04, and am now on Treo #4. Two replaced due to bad headphone jack, one due to bad P key. This one has worked fine so far other than the annoying flashing screen on power up and off....
    Handspring Prism ---> PalmOne Treo650
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    Got my 650 in Dec 04 still on the original. Didn't think that was possible, since I went through 4 replacement 300's and 4 replacement 600's.
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    Got my unlocked GSM in late Feb. 2005 and it's still going strong.
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