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    I've been a Sprint user since 1998, and now am switching over to Cingular. Pretty much because of peer pressure.

    The 5 people I talk to the most are on Cingular along with most of my fellow colleagues I work with. The mobile to mobile for them is huge.

    So, I guess I'll sell my 650 on craigslist or ebay and buy a cingular 650, but was wondering what the best price would be.

    Or do I wait until the 700 comes out.. Which, does anyone know when for cingular?

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    Not a clue.

    Kyocera 6035-->Samsung I-300-->Samsung I-330-->Treo 600-->Sprint Treo 650-->Cingular Treo 650-->AT&T Treo 680-->AT&T Crimson Treo 680-->AT&T Black Centro-->AT&T Copper Treo 680-->iPhone 3G 8GB-->iPhone 3GS 16GB-->HTC EVO 4G
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    check out the cingular refurb unit for $139. thread on it has already been posted by others

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