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    I was wondering if anyone else was having this trouble? I'm trying to click the login link from the homepage of skweezer while using Xiino, but it won't go to the page. It tries to connect, and then nothing. It keeps staying on the skweezer homepage.

    Seems to work with Blazer, but I don't know what the problem is. Just wanted to see if anyone else had that problem today.
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    Same problem here. When I click the Log In link in Skweezer, Xiino freezes up while "Connecting..." A soft reset is required to escape.

    Other web pages can be reached with Xiino.
    The Skweezer login works with Blazer.

    Can anyone suggest a solution?
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    I am experiencing this same problem. Very frustrating. I love Skweezer with Xiino but would love to be able to login so I could use the Favorites feature on the Skweezer site. Did either of you or anyone figure out why you can't login?


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