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    I sent my Treo back to Palm for repair. I followed the damn instruction and took out all the stylus, sim card, ect, but left the battery in since battery was the only thing that's not mentioned in the instruction email.

    Low and behold they sent me a replacement back with NO battery in it. (One more reason I will never buy another Palm product again.)

    So I ordered a couple batteries from this guy

    I don't know why it's so cheap but they work as advertise. And they look like real 650 batteries. I was expecting third party since third party Li-Ion batteries work very well on my digicams. Since I am in NYC as well I got it in 2 days! Just a quick FYI.
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    I bought a spare from this guy (thru Amazon). Charged up just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shneor
    I bought a spare from this guy (thru Amazon). Charged up just fine.
    Apart from the OEM's at about $34, I also found this "Cheap OEM" at Amazon.
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    eKeith, nice price!
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