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    Hello all,

    Does anyone know if a program or a preference would allow me to have a calendar entry be assigned a special ring to alert me that an important meeting or a remindor is about to happen.

    I take the bus and I would like to sleep through my hour and half comute, but I'm afraid I'll miss my bus stop so I want to set the alram to remind me to wake up at a certain time, but I want it to be very loud and specific to only that entry.

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    Yes but you have to use a different PIM such as DateBk5 to do this not the standard app built in.

    Or you could use a different app - such as World Clock or Tasks (make sure system sounds are switched on to hear these alarms). Butler, Clock (some freeware ones out there)

    Alarm database - both new ring tone, & the old Midi file alarms can be backed up/copied/added to using a little app called "Ring Tone Librarian" on Plamgear site. You can use standard midi files on the net & download them into these alarm files.

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