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    Ok, its done. I bought a used phone, please dont tell me to go kick myself in the head cuz i did that already. So the battery died and i bought an aftermarket charger, which worked for a sec but it started to show "phone will shut down in 29, 28 27 seconds..." then it goes back to normal, then the sign would pop up again.

    I know its been discussed, but thats not the end of it. Im like what the hell is going on so I unplugged the charger and plugged it back in a few times and it shutted off and turned back on a few times and suddenly, the treo is dead. I mean it does not turn ON AT ALL. The led indicator light is dead, nothing happens when i plug it in, ITS DEAD?!?!?!

    Whats going on?!?!
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    I posted somewhere else about this happening to me. When the 600 gets so low...then it will pop up and alert you to charge the battery. This pop alert doesnt seem to stop when you start charging it unless you use the OEM charger.

    It sounds like your batter got so low that it doesnt have enough power to turn the display on. My recommendation would be to plug it into the charger and leave it for a day. Then try to turn it on. (Maybe someone else has another suggestion).

    Worst case buy a new battery with torx screwdriver on ebay for $20.
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    Is my battery dead if the phone doesn't work?

    My phone doesn't work, is my battery dead?

    My battery doesn't seem to it dead?

    I think I have a dead battery...what should I do?

    I have this blinking star...does it mean my battery is dead?

    My blinking star stopped. Does that mean I have a dead battery?

    I tried to search about dead batteries, but there were so many threads, I thought I would just ask what to do.

    I know this has been asked a million times, but what do I do about a dead battery?
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