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    FYI, I'm doing a 'log' now to see if I can get it to do this again. I just experienced another crash where the phone reset, followed by one of my mailboxes turning up empty. I'll post more in this thread when I have info.
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    Actually, Chatter seems to be running a lot faster now since that mailbox turned up empty. It's my largest mailbox (file was around 600-700KB with the past 2 days/200 messages worth of email stored). I'm logging while it's reloading all the messages.

    fyi- this mailbox should be loading 2500bytes/msg, I have it set to quicksync every 60 minutes and sleep from 9AM till 6PM or so.
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    Ah nice, I closed the log thinking the problem had disappeared. Then I deleted ChatterLog with FileZ and the moment I did, the phone crashed
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    Huh, two more crashes:

    Had a 'log' going all night just in case I found a crash. I close the log, pop into FileZ, delete the ChatterLog, go back into Chatter, and it immediately resets the phone.

    A little while ago I exited chatter, and entered an area without any service. Afterwards I used MMPlayer for a bit to do a bug report (keeps claiming it can't figure out the file format for an http mp3 stream I was trying to play), and after that, I entered Chatter. Chatter attempted to logon to the IMAP server, and about 5 seconds into that, the phone reset.

    This is all still using version 1.1.2[95:48]
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    I'm doing a trial of CrashPro 2.21.

    The log reset (where you delete ChatterLog with FileZ, enter Chatter and it resets) is reproducible and CrashPro logged the following message:

    Application: Chatter 1.1
    Date: 5 Nov 2005 4:16pm
    ChatterExgImpl.c, Line 5900, Refind failed: 0207

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