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    I only want to use San Disk since I have always used them in the past with my Motorola E815 TF card. But my question is I guess I am going to buy a 1GB SD card, so what is the difference between the original blue cards and the Ultra II? I called San Disk cust svc and the man said to buy the original blue card, that the phone may not support an Ultra II card. I see a bunch of you say you use the Ultra II. So I called PalmOne and they said any card would work. So what should I buy and what are the differences? Should I get a 1GB or 2GB, and who has the best price for it? I normally just go to Best Buy to buy my electronic supplies. Thanks for the help and sorry if this has been gone over before in the past. In addition, can I download a program on my VZW Treo 650 and backup my 650 to the card so if I crash or hard reset and I am not near my office I can reload all the info without sync'ing to my desktop.
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    I have a 2gb Sandisk Ultra and I'm really having lots of problems with it. For starters, I can't seem to load more than 1gb of MP3 files on it.
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    The Ultra II card are said to have a faster read/write speed. They do work with the Treo.

    There are several back up options.

    Check for Back Up Man or Back Up Buddy.

    Both allow you to back up/restore to/from the SD card.

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