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    Okay I've had the phone about half a year already and know I'm falling into problems. Constant resets, constant freezing (especially with my bt headset). I don't have insurance on the phone (since Cingular does not offer it towards the Treo), and i just recently droped my phone (fell out of holster and onto concrete) and it attained many scratched and dents. What are my options? Should I just take this one as a $400 loss? I mean the phone still works well (somewhat) its not dead or anything. I'm thinking of just getting a new PPC probably Cingulars new HTC since I found out all I do is IM/TXT/CALL/SURF and nothing more.
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    Cingular isnt the only place to get insurance on something like this, a regular insruance company is your best bet, but its prolly a little late for that. Sounds like you have one for ebay, just be honest about its condition. I've sold a couple non-working phones there, people will buy anything....
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    If it still works, why do anything?

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    I have a friend with a cracked screen and keypad that does not work that would likely buy yours for a replacement or parts. A cement truck drove over his phone. Perhaps you should list it in the marketplace forum. Just be honest about the condition. (Not everyone has carriers offering free or even cheap phones.)
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    Donate it to science
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    i'll take the keypad. (the actual inside keypad, no the rubber buttons you see)

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