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    i got it.. thanx
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    How did you delete them??
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    Use the SIM Book app to edit/delete your sim card contacts. Took me a while to find out it was there (even though the name of the APP was obvious). One thinks if i'm editing a contact, i would use the contacts app. But its not, and its burried in another app.
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    So obvious that I didn't even think about it. Thanks!
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    The SIM card was not in the phone..... yet you were editing the sim book? I don't think the Treo "saves" this information, unless you copy it into the contacts, so what exactly are you talking about? The sim WAS in the phone I assume?
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    My SIM card WAS in at the time .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preet708
    i am trying to give my phone to someone but after deleting all my personal info on this phone, I still see my SIM card contacts. (even though the sim chip is not in the phone)
    That's the post I was referring to, Briana.

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