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    I just got the Treo 650 and found out my version of Intellisync 5.3 does not work with it. I have to upgrade to 5.5 for the simeple Outlook sync tools to the 650.

    Now is the time to look at other options for syncing to my Outlook.

    What are others using with great success?

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    At least with the Sprint version of the Treo 650, the Outlook conduits are included on the CD.
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    I'm looking for a 3rd party application like Intellisync.
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    Chapura's Pocket Mirror
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    Quote Originally Posted by tgoulart
    Chapura's Pocket Mirror
    With the 650 it would have to be Pocket Mirror XT (or Pro XT) to work with the enhanced PIM's.
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    doesn't the 650 have the ability to sync directly to Outlook now, without the need for a third party sync conduit app like Intellisync/Pocket Mirror/Desktop To Go?

    (I use a wireless server for my syncing, so I don't use HotSync any longer - that's why I don't know the answer to that)
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    The Palm sync only allows you to sync the main contacts and not add'l folders.


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