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    How about a program that all I do is invoke it and it takes the backed up saved pref file off of my card and copies it back to the palm. I use filez to do it, but it is many steps. I would love a one click app to do it. Better yet, why not just stop the f*&king file from being corrupted in the first place. Randomly a txt message will reset the phone and corrupt this file. I make freq backups of it so I can restore it, but a dedicated little program for it would be GREAT!

    Mark Miner
    Cedar Rapids, IA
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    Resco Locker. Look around for threads on suggestions on what to lock, but basically anything that's 'resident', including your launcher if you're using a third-party one.

    Since I started using Resco Locker I've not lost [un]saved preference *once*, and previously I would lose them perhaps once a week if I was messing with crashy stuff (such as wireless AvantGo).

    Good luck.

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