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    My battery is ailing- it's usually OK on a fresh charge, but I get dropped calls left and right if it drops below 70% or so. It's also pushing 15 months old! I just ordered a new battery off ebay for $19 shipped, but I had a question about replacement- if I leave it plugged into the charger during replacement, will I be able to replace the battery without having to restore everything?

    If not, which is better, a hotsync or CardBkUp restore? Or if both, in which order? I certainly don't want to lose everything!
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    I have no idea about the plugged in replacement thing.... I would avoid trying that although I don't know if you could really do any damage. But I usually hotsync, and then use some sort of backup software for the SD card. I haven't used CardBkUp, but does it image the entire memory so you can replace it later? If so, that is by far the best way to go. 5 minutes after you replace the battery the phone will be just like it was before.
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    Leaving it plugged in will probably work since the circuit will pull its power from there instead of the battery. It works on laptops just fine, I'm thinking the charge/powering circuitry is similar. Back it up and hotsync before hand anyway just in case. Hotsync is what I used and it was fine. I also had a backup using Resco Explorer but didn't need to use the restore because hotsync worked perfectly fine. Do a backup so you have it in case the hotsync doesn't pan out.

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