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    I haven't found a tread related to this phenomen but i can't believe that i am the only one where this issue appears.

    I am running a GSM unlocked Treo with the last official firmware applied to it.
    My main applications are ZLauncher 5.32, Agendus 10.02 and ChatterEmail 1.1.3b13 and KeyGuardTime+ 5.02.

    Every time whenn i switch beteen applications it takes about 10 seconds. I've found that this time can be reduced to 3 seconds by unchecking the "Resolve Network Time" checkbox. However, 3 seconds is still far away from being fast. (Edited)

    Since this was caused by the network time issue and is solved no, this tread could be closed or removed.
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    I didnt see this thread before. So does it switch between apps quickly now? A half second sound like a normal time. Does going back to "sync with network time" still slow it down? That sounds like a pretty cr@ppy bug.
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    Yes, not it's much better after removig the "sync with network time". Agendus still takes 3 seconds to start, but this might be an Agendus issue.

    Strange thing: I removed the checkmark from "sync with network time" about an half year ago and don't remember that i've checked it again...
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    i bet it's one/more of your 3rd party apps.

    do a hard reset and add back all of your 3rd party apps one by one. eventually you'll find the culprit(s).
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    Thanks. Most of my 3rd parties are already on the sd-card. However, changing the "resolve network time" solved this issue for me. I would not expect that there is a treo which does it faster than 0.5 secs.
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    beware of the freezing issue: among the others, it has got the behaviour you described too. take a look:
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    Are you using a fairly full SD card? Try removing your SD card and see if the problem presists.
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    If I'm repeating what someone has already said look at how long the thread is and ask yourself if you really expect me to read the whole thing.

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